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Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau (Fresno/Clovis CVB) is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality to protect personal information provided online.

Personal information, such as name, phone number, postal and email addresses will remain the personal property of the subscriber and therefore private and confidential. Information submitted on the Fresno/Clovis CVB website to subscribe to newsletters, receive materials or request contact, will be used only for the reasons requested. Subscribers can update information or unsubscribe from the Fresno/Clovis CVB mailing lists at any time.

You may unsubscribe to any Fresno/Clovis CVB newsletter using the link at the bottom of the email, on our website or directly email us at unsubscribe@fresnocvb.org. When using the newsletter link or website form, you will automatically be unsubscribed from our lists. When emailing Fresno/Clovis CVB staff, we will remove you from our lists manually as soon as possible. For any problems regarding subscribing or unsubscribing to our lists, please contact us at 559-981-5500 or webmaster@fresnocvb.org.

SPAM and Abuse
Fresno/Clovis CVB will take the above precautions seriously and do whatever is possible to only send information to subscribers that they requested. However, there still remains the possibility that Fresno/Clovis CVB will send information that the subscriber does not deem relevant to his or her subscription and is therefore seen as spam. In many cases, this will likely be a misunderstanding between Fresno/Clovis CVB and the subscriber, although there is always the possibility of information abuse. As a first step, Fresno/Clovis CVB encourages subscribers to contact the online marketing manager at webmaster@fresnocvb.org or 559-981-5500. Fresno/Clovis CVB will do everything within reason to rectify the situation.

Cookies & User Tracking
We use cookies and web analytics to track user statistics. However, we cannot collect personal information beyond that which you use to subscribe to our services (see “Subscribers” above). Examples of user tracking include formal reporting and strategic planning purposes. Any information provided to third parties (i.e. Fresno/Clovis CVB members or funding sources) is provided WITHOUT personal information. All information is collected for the purpose of providing quality services to the public.

Data Security
Subscriber information is maintained in a secure, password-protected database system that is only available to Fresno/Clovis CVB staff and technical support consultants.

Information Sharing
From time to time, Fresno/Clovis CVB may share subscriber information with third parties assisting in the accomplishment of Fresno/Clovis CVB’s mission, such as government or related non-profit organizations. We will consider the returned value of releasing information and will only do so if it is line with our mission and goals.

Outside Links
The Fresno/Clovis CVB website has multiple links to other websites. However, Fresno/Clovis CVB does not have any say in or control over the privacy policy of those sites and will not be held responsible for their actions.

Contact the webmaster at webmaster@fresnocvb.org or call 559-981-5500.

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