Convention Center/ Downtown

Stay in close proximity to the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center at one of the nearby hotels in downtown Fresno. Surrounding hotels offer top amenities and boast impressive views of downtown Fresno’s skyline. Whether attending a bustling conference, a Broadway show at the Saroyan Theatre, concert at the Selland Arena, or luncheon along with thousands of other folks at Valdez Hall, conveniently stay in a sophisticated hotel within walking distance. 

Check out the off-the-beaten-path collection of shops and restaurants, the lively arts scene, and Downtown Ale Trail. Take in the historic architecture, explore iconic Fresno landmarks, like the Fresno Water Tower packed with local art and souvenirs, or tour the more than 100-year-old Victorian Meux Home. Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures brimming the area by visiting museums, admiring art, attending events and savoring authentic cultural cuisine. 





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