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Fresno County is the number one agricultural producing county in the nation! 

In Fresno County and the surrounding central valley, agriculture is a way of life. Food and agricultural products produced here are sent around the globe. 

The county's 1.88 million acres of agricultural bounty offer stunning landscapes, access to unique experiences, and the freshest food you will ever find.


fresno county infographic


Here are ways to experience the bounty of the county: 

Shop one of the many farmers markets in the area.

vineyards farmers market  Farmers Market under canopy covered vines

location pin The Vineyard Farmer's Market


Peruse a local brick-and-mortar market offering local goods. 

Enzo's table outside  enzo's table products2   

location pin Enzo's Table - Clovis, CA


Cruise the Fresno County Blossom Trail / Fresno County Fruit Trail. 

driving through blossom trail

location pin Fresno County Blossom Trail


Dine at a local restaurant offering unmatched farm-to-table culinary experiences. 

dining at local restaurant

location pin School House | Restaurant & Tavern, Sanger CA


Sip along the Fresno County Wine Journey or neighboring Madera Wine Trail. 

wine journey  madera wine trail

location pin Yribarren Family Vineyards, Kerman CA                        location pin Toca Madera Winery, Madera CA      


Check the San Joaquin River Parkway's calendar of events for fruit-picking opportunities at Sumner Peck Ranch. 

sumner peck ranch  River Center

location pin Sumner Peck Ranch        location pin Hidden Homes Nature Trail at San Joaquin River Parkway & Conservation Trust 


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