Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon is treasured for its less-traveled serene stretches of incredible landscapes. With giant sequoias, crystal clear waters, green meadows, steep cliffs, and the deepest gorge-formed canyon in the nation, you'll no doubt want to add the park to your bucket list.

Must-sees include Cedar Grove, Zumwalt Meadow, Roaring River Falls, Mist Falls, and the second-largest tree in the world, the General Grant Tree. General Grant stands 267 feet tall with a base of nearly 29 feet. Known as “the Nation’s Christmas Tree”, there is a ceremony, “Trek to the Nation’s Christmas Tree” held by the Sanger District Chamber of Commerce each year on the second Sunday in December to honor this natural wonder.  

Before you visit, stay up to date on the latest conditions by visiting the National Park Service website.


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