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The Mad Duck Clovis


We wanted The Mad Duck to be a pub. An American pub with great food, great beer and great cocktails. We believed that it takes just as much work to make great food as it does to make bad food. The difference is the pride you take in your work. It was a simple idea; but is something we believe in. It was the constant that pushed us. It is still that simple principle that drives us. Take pride and be happy in all that you do. Never could we have imagined what The Mad Duck would grow to become. When this all began, we were little more than kids. Now, not so many years later our own kids are being raised at The Mad Duck. It is our other home. This place we are happiest. A place for our families and friends; a place for your families and friends. A place to gather and enjoy: food, beer and most importantly, each other. A true neighborhood pub. The Guys at The Duck



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