Fresno County Strawberry Stands

  • Address: Fresno County, Fresno, CA 93725


California grows almost 90% of U.S. strawberries – with Fresno County strawberries being the best tastiest! Stop by and pick up some fresh picked sweet strawberries at these local roadside stands. 1. Saechao’s Fresh Strawberry Farm (Chestnut near Florence) 2. Simonian Farms (Jensen & Clovis Ave) 3. Dou Moua Ly Strawberry Stand (Jensen & Thompson) 4. Kao Saechao’s Strawberry Farm (NE corner of McCall & Manning) 5. May Saelee’s Strawberry Farm (Hwy 43, ½ mile W of Hwy 99) 6. Koy’s Fresh Strawberry Farm (Mountain View & Academy in Kingsburg) 7. Pao Saephan's Fresh Strawberries (SW corner of Manning & Reed in Reedley) 8. Choinam’s Strawberry Farm (McCall & Belmont) 9. Chingfou Strawberry Stand (SW corner of McCall & Ashlan) 10. Yang’s Strawberry Farm (Temperance Ave ¼ mile north of Butler) 11. Saetern’s Strawberry Farm (Shaw, ½ mile west of De Wolf Ave) 12. Siong’s Strawberry Farm (Behymer east of Willow) 13. Ming’s Strawberry Farm (Herndon, ¼ mile east of Willow Ave) 14. Saetern’s Farm (Shaw and Grantland Ave) 15. Saechao’s Fresh Strawberry Farms (Marks, ½ mile north of Clinton)