Clovis North High School

  • Address: 2770 E International Ave, Fresno, CA 93720


This aquatics center was designed for multiple purposes, as (1) a home for the Clovis North High School competitive aquatics program (2) a multipurpose aquatic venue for community recreational programs (3) a possible competition venue for various competitive swimming and diving groups, including C.I.F., U.S. Masters, USA Diving and USA Swimming.The facilities to accommodate this multifaceted aquatics program are designed around the basic two parallel 50-meter pools, each 25 yards wide. The pools have distinct features, but also functions in common beyond simply the size and swim lane tiling. One pool is a constant 2 meters deep, and is primarily for competitive racing and water polo; it provides eight lanes with built-in starting platforms at each end for 50-meter-based racing, and 19 lanes for the 25-yard-based high school competition. The pool edge is a conventional gutter to complete the racing function. The second pool has the same lane configuration, but with added features to provide the multifaceted specialties of the aquatics center. At one end is a diving well with three, 1-meter boards and one, 3-meter board. This pool has a zero- or infinity-edge/gutter designed to allow divers ease of egress anywhere along the pool. The other end has a 25-foot shallow area (approximately 3 feet deep) to allow for swim instruction and young people’s recreation. The center one-third of this pool is at the 2-meter depth to allow for an additional water polo court.


Meeting Facilities