Fresno County isn't your average farm-to-fork destination — we are THE farm-to-fork destination. Not only will you taste fresh and delicious culinary creations here, you'll be able to take some home with you.

The Vineyard Farmers Market is one of Fresno County's many local farmers markets, with a diverse selection of farmers and local business owners selling fresh produce and artisan goods. One stand you can't pass up while you're there is Volcano Johnny's Hot Sauce. Their range of award-winning specialty hot sauces really gives an exciting kick to your meals!

Volcano Johnny's   Volcano Johnny's

This line of hot sauce was created by Chef Jonathan Evans, a Valley native who has been in the culinary industry for almost 40 years. Before creating his signature hot sauces, Chef Johnny ran food trucks in El Salvador and owned a restaurant in Kingsburg, California. Now, he is using his culinary skills to enrich meals one hot sauce bottle at a time. 

Chef Johnny goes out of his way to give you the ultimate tasting experience, serving up his signature hot sauces for you to try.  As you sample each one, you'll be struck by the unique and flavorful combinations of spices. While some of the sauces pack a bit of a kick, they're perfectly balanced with incredible flavor. 

Chef Johnny describes each individual sauce as you sample it. You'll also learn about how the sauce is made. 

Volcano Johnny's

Volcano Johnny's Hot Sauce uses fresh, local ingredients. Each bottle is hand-made in small batches at a commercial kitchen in Reedley, California using their own fresh heirloom peppers, including red and green jalapenos grown to Chef Johnny's requirements at Jim Moore's farm in Kingsburg.

The peppers are hand-picked when fully matured then chopped and put in a smoker for six hours. This gives them a distinct smoky flavor that sets them apart from other hot sauces. 

Volcano Johnny's

Chef Johnny's passion and attention to detail are reflected in each bottle of hot sauce his team produces.

You can try the variety of hot sauce flavors when you visit the Vineyard Farmers Market in Fresno. You can also shop on their website and follow them on Instagram to see where else they're stopping next!

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