Don’t sleep on Fresno County’s thriving art scene. From colorful murals to unique sculptures snap a picture of your favorite piece of some of these Instagram-worthy art displays in Fresno County.

Arches on Mariposa and Fulton Street in Fresno

Location:  Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721

Arches on Maripoza

About: Gordon Heuther, created the concept for Acero Picado (paper cut-out arches). The design channels deep Mexican roots by mimicking papel picado which is cut paper squares that many use as decoration for traditional Mexican celebrations.

Aaron De La Cruz Mural in Chinatown Fresno

Location: 1447 Tulare St. 93706

Aaron De La Cruz Mural

About: Aaron De La Cruz wanted to showcase the historical side of Chinatown in his art. Tying into the origin of the Chinese red envelope and the red string used to thread coins he decided to illustrate that within the building. You can see a red horizontal line on the building representing the thread and the circles representing the coins warding off evil spirits.

Pink wall behind FAB in Fresno

Location: 716 E. Olive Avenue Fresno, CA 93728 

Fab pink wall

About: A vibrant pink mural featuring wings in Fresno's Tower District, making for a picture-perfect photo-op. This is on the west side of the building accessible via the back parking area. If you wish to take a photo, be aware this is a parking area, so try to visit outside of business hours (including the thrift store next door). Otherwise, there may be vehicles parked in front of the art.

The Mural District in Fresno

Location: Downtown Fresno, Fresno, CA 93721

Mural District

About: Take in the art of murals in Downtown Fresno's Mural District along with plenty of public art in Downtown Fulton Street. Enjoy the shopping and entertainment district's many local coffee shops, boutiques, and local restaurants. Also, find several breweries in the nearby Brewery District

Mural at Cho’s Kitchen in Selma

Location: 2030 E Front St, Selma, CA 93662


About: This mural was made on the side of Cho’s Kitchen a Chinese restaurant that is a local favorite. It was dedicated to John Cho’s dance team, specifically to lion dancer Matthew Lum who passed away in 2015. See the culture and diversity being poured into this mural.  

Mural in Downtown Kingsburg

Location: Downtown Kingsburg, Kingsburg, CA 93631


About: The town’s Swedish heritage is reflected in the murals throughout Downtown Kingsburg. See the dala horse along with a ship and Swedish flag. As you’re discovering the art downtown spend the day going to local shops taking home a Swedish souvenir or trying out the tasty food.


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