A local favorite, family-owned and -operated eatery offering the savory regional specialty, is Grill Masters in Clovis (tucked away just south of Shaw on Clovis Avenue).

Stop in whether you’re craving a traditional tri-tip sandwich (with 6oz of thinly-sliced meat), or a breakfast burrito with chunks of tri-tip and pair it up with thick, expertly-seasoned fries, pilaf or cowboy style chili beans.

After you’ve walked past the barbecue smoker unleashing heavenly aromas a few feet from the restaurant door, and through the threshold…you’re in Raider Nation baby.

Take one glance at the wall and you’ll know.

If you’re really, really hungry and/or have an infinite craving for tri-tip (this is the lofty challenge part)–cue the Ultimeat Matty Challenge Burger.

Made with four seasoned patties, four slices of American cheese, four thick bacon slices, half pound of tri-tip, half pound of rib meat, all stacked between two buns, the challenge requires you to devour within 30 minutes. But there’s more. You’ll also need to down a serving of the Matty Fries–two pounds of fries, topped with cowboy chili beans, pilaf, onions and cheese.

Grill Masters - Matty Fries

Ultimate Matty Challenge champions receive a t-shirt, gift card for the cost of the meal, and most importantly–bragging rights for life.

Are you up for the challenge?

Extra large sandwich with meat from Grill Masters