Murals & Public Art

The art scene in Fresno County isn’t limited to galleries, there is a wealth of public art on display throughout Fresno County in the form of murals and more. 
Downtown Fresno is known as the Mural District, with plenty of buildings dripping with color and vibrant works of art. 
Here are just a few of the murals to check out:

Fresno Postage Stamp: 1315 Van Ness Ave.
Welcome to Fresno: 746 Broadway St.
Fresno Mosaic: 2820 Tulare St.
Chris Sorensen Art Studio & Gallery: 2223 S. Van Ness Ave.

Downtown Fresno’s Fulton Street is also home to sculptures by renowned artists, such as “The Visit” by Clement Renzi or “Aquarius Ovoid” by George Tsutakawa. The rare Washer Woman sculpture by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is one of six original bronze castings that exist in the world. Other striking public art can be found in downtown Kingsburg. The town’s Swedish heritage is reflected in the murals’ imagery, dala horse statues and water tower resembling a Swedish teapot.

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