Taco Truck Throwdown

TTT 2023

Try tacos from the best trucks in Central California and enjoy live entertainment during Taco Truck Throwdown 2023, hosted by the Fresno Grizzlies and Fresno Street Eats. Each truck goes taco to taco to win the Judges Award or the People's Choice Award. New this year is the Salsa Throwdown and back by popular demand is the competition for Best Michelada.

Date: October 21, 2023

Time: 5 pm

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Singers perform in front of large crowd at Chukchansi Park in Fresno Photo shows taco trucks lined up on field of Chukchansi Park in Fresno as guests stand in line for food Plate of tacos with various toppings

Meet the 2023 Participants: 

Anthony's Tacos | @anthonys.tacos

Beto's Tacos | @betostacos1

Coculas Taqueria | @coculastaqueria 

El Taco Macho | @eltacomacho

Garrafa | @garrafa_tradition_and_taste

Guadalajara | @guadalajarafatman

Los Toritos | @lostoritostacotruck559

Mariscos El Salvavidas | @mariscos__elsalvavidas

Mariscos La Brisas | @mariscoslasbrisas_2

MZ Taqueria | @mz.taqueriaa

Ortega's | @ortegastaqueria

Ruta Cayejera | @ruta_cayejera

Taco Pinto | @tacopinto1


Tacos Ama | @559tacosama

Tacos Don Chicho | @tacos_don_chico

Tacos El Palmar | @tacoselpalmar

Tacos Jacinto | @tacos.jacinto

Tacos La Vaporera | @tacos_lavaporera

Tacos Las Salsas | @tacoslassalsas

Tacos Osuna Estito Mazatlan | @tacos_osuna_estilo_mazatlan

Tacos Sinoloa | @tacossinaloafresno

Tacos Tepa 

Yasss Fish Tacos | @yasssfishtacos

Who won Taco Truck Throwdown 2022?
  • Taco Truck Throwdown People’s Choice Award - La Vaporera | IG: @tacos_lavaporera
  • Taco Truck Throwdown Judge’s Choice Award - Coculas Taqueria | IG: @coculastaqueria
  • Michelada Throwdown People’s Choice Award - Miche Firme | IG: @michefirme
  • Michelada Throwdown Judge’s Choice Award - Miche de Oro | IG: @miche.de.oro


Hear from the 2023 Participants: 

When did you start your taco truck and what’s your favorite part about running it?

"We stared selling our traditional barbacoa tacos in 2017 outside our ice cream shop due to the slow ice cream business in our area. The tacos started bringing more and more customers that we had to find a way to sell our food on daily basis. That's when we acquired the food trailer in 2019. My favorite part is that we can share our traditions, culture and our barbacoa family recipe that's been with us for over 30 years." - Garrafa


Plate of tacos with radish and lime on the side

What are you looking forward to the most about Taco Truck Throwdown?

"We are looking forward to show off our one item menu food truck. After all we only have 1 job and that is to make THEE BEST FISH TACO in Fresno. We are hoping to gain exposure from the Taco Throwdown since we just moved here to Fresno with no family or friends. Any exposure helps this family owned food truck." - Yasss Fish Tacos


Person hold up plate of two fish tacos and a side of fries

Favorite taco on your menu?

"Our favorite taco on our menu is Fried Shrimp Taco but all of our tacos are delicious. They all have different toppings which makes each and every one of them unique." - Taco Pinto


Plate of tacos with various sauces on the side

Do you use any locally-sourced ingredients?

"Yes, we go to the farmers markets." - Tacos Ama


Photo of shrimp taco with food truck in the background

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