The Murph Challenge 2023 Warrior Fitness


Warrior Fitness is honored to host this unique workout.

MEMORIAL DAY is the single day of the year we honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation and freedom.
On a personal note I can tell you Lt. Michael Murphy ("Murph") was a humble, courageous guy-- and also a personal friend of mine as we both trained for the Navy SEAL Officer Selection Program in the late 1990s. He went on to have an heroic career in the SEAL teams and was awarded the Metal of Honor as a result of his courage in the face of certain death in attempts to save his team, and thus I couldn't be more honored to host this event that recognizes him.

As for the actual workout, it IS a tough event, however it's self-paced and like all training at Warrior Fitness there'll be ways to modify things for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. The most important thing is not the actual Murph Challenge but simply coming together as a community to pay tribute to those who perished defending our country and freedom with a tiny bit of pain and sweat of our own.

1.) The official "MURPH CHALLENGE" which consists of the following:
- RUN, 1 mile
- CALISTENTICS (done in any order)
100 pull-ups
200 pushups
300 squats
- RUN, 1 mile
- Advanced: wearing body armor or a 20-lb weighted vest.
- Elite Option: Doing the all of the calisthenics IN ORDER -- meaning NOT breaking it up (ie.. 100 pullups first, THEN 200 pushups, finally 300 squats).
2.) But we will also offered a "MODIFIED MURPH" which is the same exact thing except INSTEAD of full pull-ups, you do a modified version of pull-ups called a "PARTIAL PULLUP" or a HORIZONTAL ROW.
We also allow you to do dumbbell bench presses instead of pushups as well as rowing instead of running.

Members: FREE
Non-members: $25
T-shirts: $45

To learn more about Lt. Murphy and the charitable foundation please see following links.