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Music in the Garden


A neo-soul and Jazz aficionado, Ike Tecson spent the early part of his post-graduate years at the University of Hawaii touring Japan and performing at popular music venues such as the Sapporo Jazz Festival, Birdland, and the Yokohama Music Festival. He’s opened for Bon Jovi and the Black Eyed Peas while backing up rock guitarist Mike Corrado.

“Meet the Ike Tecson Trio, a Central Valley-based jazz group that skillfully blends jazz standards with modern takes on folk and pop music. Led by Ike Tecson, whose musical background is enriched by his Japanese and Hawaiian heritage, the trio offers a fresh approach to Jazz. Ike’s expertise on the piano, shaped by extensive study and diverse stage experiences, sets the foundation for the group’s sound. Always an exercise in expression and improvisation, the Ike Tecson Trio navigates a diverse repertoire, appealing to both jazz purists and those seeking a new spin on familiar tunes. Their performances provide a vibrant and engaging experience, contributing a unique sound to the Central Valley’s music scene.

As a pianist, bandleader, and composer, he’s traversed jazz, fusion, rock, captivating audiences worldwide, from the Sapporo Jazz Festival to Birdland. Ike’s versatility is highlighted by his experiences opening for acts like Bon Jovi and the Black Eyed Peas, and collaborating with artists such as Yuna Ito and The Drifters. Recently, Ike has ventured into Big Band and Trio formats and contributes to the yearly Fresno Airport Holiday Music Program, bringing joy to travelers with his performances.