Creator’s Circle: A Space for Creative Storytellers


This month we are sharing our work! Bring your stories, ideas, treatments, excerpts and developments.

Creator's Circle is a monthly meetup for storytellers and creatives to share their ideas, get feedback, and develop their creative process through conversation and engaging activities. Every month we’ll discuss a unique aspect of the creative process, from coming up with ideas to executing them, to overcoming blocks and rejection. After the discussion we’ll invite you to stick around and work on your project! This is a chance for you to engage with your fellow writers, filmmakers, podcasters, and artists to learn and develop your craft in a safe, collaborative space, without the distractions of daily life.

Creators and storytellers of all backgrounds are welcome! If you are a filmmaker, writer, podcaster, or a creative storyteller looking to build a network of like-minded creatives to share ideas and collaborate with, then this group is for you!