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6 Favorite Local Ice Cream Shops in Fresno County

Nothing beats the refreshing taste of freshly scooped ice cream on a hot summer day! Fresno County is filled with local ice cream shops that will satisfy your craving for any type of flavored ice cream. From peach cobbler to root beer strawberry ice cream, the unique flavors are never-ending! Either…

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Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery

With close to two million acres of farmland producing the most agriculture in the nation, Fresno County offers unmatched farm-to-table cuisine. From exceptional dining experiences at local restaurants, to farmers markets packed with luscious fruits, crisp vegetables and other unparalleled locally…

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Gifting Local: Favorites for Foodies

To-dine-for local gifting options Fresno County is loaded with a robust selection of edible gifts for your favorite foodies! Here is a sampling of satisfying treats for taste buds. Enzo's Table Shop the trove of locally produced goods at Enzo's Table in Clovis.. Known for its award-winning…

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Stacks on stacks of tri-tip

A local favorite, family-owned and -operated eatery offering the savory regional specialty, is Grill Masters in Clovis (tucked away just south of Shaw on Clovis Avenue). Stop in whether you’re craving a traditional tri-tip sandwich (with 6oz of thinly-sliced meat), or a breakfast burrito with chunks…

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Fresno County Super Bowl Eats

We all know the true reason Super Bowl Sunday is a widely celebrated day in America—the food. Here are a few options requiring no prep time (aside from a phone call). Casa de Tamales The family-owned restaurant makes handmade tamales with stone-ground masa made in-house. They also have a few deals…

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